New Year’s resolutions are so 2017, now it’s all about the Word of the Year

I no longer do New Years resolutions. Nope! I have a shiny new approach to  “new year, new me”. I now just choose a word, and do that instead!

Let me explain.

The hosts of the podcast Mamamia Outloud are the ones who put me off New Year’s resolutions. Cos let’s be honest, we all know deep down that they don’t work.

Gyms are full to the brim in January and are back to normal by February.

New Year’s resolutions just let you down.

What these ladies do, and what I’ve done since last year, is choose a Word of the Year, and use that to generally focus on one particular theme for the year.

Honestly, this is not a totally unique idea – apparently, Melinda Gates, co-founder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, does it too (which is news to me, but makes me feel validated in my decisions!). Her word for 2019 is “grace” and it was last year too.


Last year, my Word of the Year was “me”.

It felt like a selfish word, but that was sort of the point. I wanted to focus just as much on myself as I do other people. Look after my health. Say “no” to social situations if I wasn’t feeling up to it. Apologise less for being me. Ask for help. That sort of thing.

And I think it worked!

As a whole, I would say that touching base with my Word of the Year periodically over 2018 kept me on track and I did have a year for Charlie!

I went on a solo trip to Mexico and Guatemala. I chopped my hair off into a pixie cut. I had bad health issues, but they were a great nudge for me to try out putting myself first. Asking for help, advocating for myself, and standing my ground where I felt I was in the right.

I even ended up asking for extended leave from work – putting my personal needs before my job when I got completely overwhelmed with my gut and immune issues. This was 100% necessary, but definitely something that I never could have done in the past.

Such a Word of the Year success story, for such a mess of a human 😉


So, “what’s the big theme for 2019?” I hear you ask.

Well, dear friends, since you asked, my Word of the Year for 2019 is “calm”.

I really do think that stress has a lot to answer for when I look back to the problems I had in 2018. Stress in my constant need to be busy, stress in my work, stress in my lack of sleep, stress in my mental health, stress in my physical health and stress likely to be an aspect of my gut issues.

And stress because even when I was on holiday, I was constantly busy!

Babe…. just chill…

Walking out of 2018 like…

So this year, I want to focus on channelling my energy into channelling less energy.

By that, I mean I want to read more, sleep more, blog more, do more yoga, and think about meditating. I want to work smarter, not harder, and learn when to stop. I want to use social media less, read less articles about Trump, drink less, and do more wholesome activities. (I’m faaaairly sure my friends are as interesting sober as I find them when we’re drunk – I think it’s time to find out for sure!)

I chose “calm” because I really think that if I’m focusing on that, I’ll be able to have a better physical and mental health year than last year. Which is really not aiming that high, but it’s really what I need in my life right now.

So if you want to do yoga with me, or discuss books, or whatever calm people do, please give me a buzz. I need all the help I can get!


Do you have a New Year’s resolution this year? Or are you doing a Word of the Year? Let me know what your goal or theme is for this year and we can do it together 🙂

Charlie x

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